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Welcome to the New York Easy Dates speed dating blog.

We will be posting a variety of information including dating tips, special events, notices regarding changes to our, as well as information about New York city and more.


In the event that you have just returned from the moon or a prolonged trip to Borneo, Pokemon Go is an app that uses your smartphone GPS to help you "find" Pokemon (the little anime monsters you may have collected when you were in middle school) near your location. [Read full post]Let's be real: As a single parent, dating is probably low on your to-do (or want-to-do) list.

Sushi Of Gari This small sushi shop, located at 347 West 46th Street, is one of many Gari sushi restaurants in the area. [Read full post]We've all done the classic first date before: drinks, dinner, movie, wash, then repeat.

Between handling the kids' schedules, working, spending time with friends, and running those everyday errands, it's exhausting to think about fitting in time to meet someone.

Even if you can squeeze in a date every other weekend, your dating skills are probably woefully out of practice.


If you can't remember the last time you actually flirted with someone -- and they actually flirted back -- maybe you're ...

[Read full post]Speed dating in New York City is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to narrow down the dating pool to people whom you will truly enjoy.



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