Speed dating events in glasgow


Speed dating is the up and coming trend and perhaps one of the best and increasingly popular ways to meet new people.Our well organised events give you a fantastic opportunity to meet people that you get on with in a setting that is quieter than a club and classier than a pub.No matter what you’re hoping to get from your evening, speed dating is a great way to start.Speed dating is a great opportunity for you to meet a variety of people and find the perfect person for you.Whether you’re looking for love, or just a great evening out, My Speed Date hosts a range of quality singles events in Glasgow and the West of Scotland in which your details are entirely protected, a fun night is guaranteed and you could meet up to 20 singles in one evening!The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is a stylish, dynamic city offering a vibrant nightlife, plenty of culture and fabulous date destinations such as Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.It’s a perfect way to have a few drinks, meet some new people and enjoy a good time with.If you’re interested in one of these events or an alternative type of event not listed in Glasgow, please let us know, with enough interest we will set out to organise this event and inform you by text or email of the date and location.

At My Speed Date, we know that sometimes the world of dating can be daunting, and our excellent singles nights aim to provide a relaxed and enjoyable way to find someone to enjoy this great city with.Events are arranged by age, and you are in complete control of who will be able to contact you at the end of the night.



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    Here are some guidelines for dating that I’ve seen couples discuss productively in mediation: Talk about how these ideas might work for your family: Is it ok to introduce the kids after three months of dating?

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    Tonight's Question Box will be of particular interest to some of you, although I hope it will be instructive to us all.

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