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The debate runs on as to whether or not speed dating as a concept is here to stay, or destined to be replaced the next latest thing.

Five years on, speed dating at Smart Dating UK is still going strong, and still most popular singles event we offer.

It’s USP is that the cast are divided into two pairs.

Footlights double-act Mark Bittlestone’s and Haydn Jenkins’ more orthodox comedy is married with Luisa Callander’s and Ruby Keane’s capital-e Edgy style.

It either gives you a platform for other students to enjoy your talent, or you are perceived as trading fraudulently on the reputations of alumni. Smooth and relaxed, Mark and Haydn opened with a great James Bond sketch, mixing great acting with verbal comedy. Mark Bittlestone captured the smarmy drawl of the typical trashy Home Counties drivetime-show host to perfection, and Haydn kept everyone laughing with what may be the first funny BBC-paedo joke this year.

Managing to combine humour drier than the Sahara with superb situational comedy, Ruby and Luisa were an equally funny pair.

Given that this was a hotly-anticipated show, it probably wasn’t necessary for the publicity guy to paste posters on every single cubicle door and above every sink, ya know – save the trees and all that.

Toilet humour aside, Diphthong was a funny, impressive and intelligent show.


Labouring under the Footlights name can be a blessing and a curse.When we launched our speed dating events in March 2003, the concept was still fairly new in the UK, with events mainly held in the larger cities, though these days most people can get to speed dating events without travelling major distances.Many companies in the past entered the speed dating market in search of an easy buck, but found themselves having to cancel events due to insufficient bookings in smaller towns – thankfully now the speed dating market is very stable with a handful of well established companies offering well attended, quality events across the country.If you're a speed dating regular, although you'll become very familiar with the speeddating format, the singles market is always changing, so you'll see new faces each time you attend an event.


A history faculty loo was not the place I expected my first encounter with Diphthong to be, but as I was relieving myself there when the four cast members were staring back at me.Luisa Callender ’s terrific Scottish twang made for some especially hilarious deadpan deliveries, and Ruby’s intensity had echoes of Miranda Hart.



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