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Officers also spotted all four wheels of his car 'taking off' from the ground after he rocketed across a speed bump, the court heard.

Lovejoy continued to flee, driving towards junction 11 of the M40 and heading for Middleton Cheney, forcing police to drive at 100mph in an attempt to catch him.

Lovejoy, of East Street, Banbury, had 142 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath, exceeding the limit of 35 micrograms.

Lovejoy's car was spotted at the end of Edward Street after police heard the car accelerating, before watching him rush off along Causeway, breaking the 30mph limit.

Officers began chasing the alcoholic, attempting to pull him over, but Lovejoy continued his dangerous journey and turned into Junction Road.

The drink-driver failed to stop as he sped through a small village at 80mph, turning back towards Banbury shortly after.

But he then stopped and was arrested near a gated entrance along the route towards the town.

Jailing the 38-year-old for 12 months on Thursday, Recorder John Bate Williams criticised the defendant for his 'terrible' journey.


A DRINK-DRIVER four times over the limit who dangerously zoomed across Banbury in a high-speed police chase has been locked up.

Alcoholic Andrew Lovejoy admitted drinking heavily before jumping into his Volkswagen Corrado and racing away from officers trying to flag him down.



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