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Participation in social networking sites currently engages tens of millions of Internet users on a given day (Lenhart & Madden, 2007).This increased prevalence and use of social media technology has facilitated the development of active networks of individuals based on shared interests, activities, or beliefs.Twitter® is a popular microblogging site that allows users to disseminate information in 140 characters of text or less.A review of literature indicated that, to date, there has been little inquiry into the health based discussions conceptualized and enacted within and among Twitter® users.


Methods for this qualitative study included a directed content analysis, guided by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Determinant of Health (DOH) framework was completed to explore health based discussions on Twitter®.

A 24-hour cross-section of tweets (N=2400) containing the word or hashtag ‘health’ were collected for analysis.



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