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Especially as Carmen's hip reputation has even made it on the the pages of the New York Times: ……17Local architect and Valencian Santiago Calatrava designed three massive reptilian projects for the municipality, a museum, oceanarium and art gallery.

You can literally step of the plane, grab the metro, and within a half hour you are enjoying a drink in the old city center.

Authentic Tapas or Fashionable Fusion Food Why Valencia?

Well, first of all it’s less full of tourists than Barcelona.


Trendy travel-insiders will assure you when doing Europe, that it’s much more fashionable to do a weekend in Tuscany, Italy and boast about the local village vineyards...

However the large Spanish cities can be a pleasant surprise!

We have all done the weekend get-aways to Madrid and Barcelona.

However many people fail to realize that Valencia (Spain's third largest city on the beach) is currently the smartest (and cheapest) destination for a few days of art, culture, food and drink, sun and sea... As a result of Valencia's progressive (and lesbian!

The recent renovations combined with the traditional atmosphere ensure a relaxing easy going feel. Roman ruins, Victorian style buildings and great terraces on every corner bathed in sun. The look and feel of the older Barrio del Carmen district can be compared to the Jordaan in Amsterdam ten years ago.The original poorer residents have been displaced by young artists, media players and the to be expected yuppies creating the fashionable epicenter of Valencia.


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