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Think broadly, anticipate potential barriers and start planning!Finding partners The best advice typically offered to people with disabilities is to date online, which lifts many barriers when it comes to accessing others.Disability and dating has been a hot topic on dating websites and online disability communities for years.While there’s some great material on how to locate partners, what to say, what not to say and more, I often wonder: To what degree are these strategies working and how comfortable do people feel implementing them?As a psychologist, I think how we feel about ourselves is just as important as the social supports that we have in place (e.g., transportation, caregiver services, etc.), so my question is: How do people with disabilities date successfully when there are both dating skills required, in addition to potential social constraints?Plan of attack Before you begin your dating quest, think about the social barriers that may be present. Do you use caregiving services to get through your day? All of these variables influence a huge part of dating—privacy.Think about ways to maintain your privacy with the supports you have in place.

How can you describe your disability as a part of you but not overshadowing all of you?Traditional ways of meeting people are also still quite useful.


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