Sophos not updating windows xp


Home Edition is unmanaged and will only get updates from Sophos servers.Sophos license: The edition is unmanaged and will get updates from Sophos servers. Yearly renewal period starts when Fall semester begins.By default, it will do this every 60 minutes, provided that the computer is connected to the internet.At the end of May 2013, ITS will no longer provide or support Sophos Anti-Virus on personally owned computers.This document details frequently asked questions for the Sophos Antivirus software client.


This means that faculty, staff, and students will have to remove Sophos and acquire their own anti-virus software to protect their computers.

A list of alternative options, including free anti-virus products, is available at the Anti-Virus Software page.

Currently, the software can be installed on the following OS: Before installing Sophos Anti-Virus: If you have any other vendors’ anti-virus software, you must uninstall it.

Running sav7will automatically remove most Antivirus Enterprises products but not all.

If the icon has a red cross superimposed on it, Sophos Anti-Virus failed to update itself. You must uninstall any other vendors anti-virus software before installing Sophos Anti-Virus.

If the icon is grey, your computer is not protected by Sophos Anti-Virus. Sophos Anti-Virus will update itself automatically from the update source.


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