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Failing that, try right-clicking and selecting Open With… A lot of video file formats that Mac OS X can’t handle with its pre-installed software can be dealt with by the free software VLC, and we'll be mentioning that program a lot in this article.We explain how to download and use VLC in the first entry for which it is relevant - which is the first entry in the list, 3GP files.


We'll add more in future - if there are any file formats you can’t play and aren’t in our list, feel free to get in touch (on Twitter or in the comments below) and we'll do our best to find a solution and add it to the article.Before we get into the individual file formats, we'll start by reminding you that a Mac OS X computer will be able to play many video file formats out of the box; try double-clicking to see if your operating system has a default program that can handle it.


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