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“When you go into the Four Courts, it’s a very intimidating place, isn’t it?

” He pays a visit to St John’s National School to hand out “John Perry” branded posters of the executed 1916 leaders.

The directive from party headquarters was one candidate should be chosen from Sligo and one from Leitrim.

Perry lost the Sligo contest to fellow deputy Tony Mc Loughlin, but objected to how the convention was run, dragging Fine Gael all the way to the High Court.

Scuttling around Sligo town in his pinstripes and polished brown shoes and speaking in his distinctive voice that sounds like an agitated bee captured in a jam jar, John Perry is back in the game and relishing it. ” the former junior minister asks an elderly man on Grattan Street on a cold day last Wednesday.

“She is as miserable as ever,” comes the reply, with the addendum of a promised first preference vote.

After Perry produced a letter in which party general secretary Tom Curran referred to the “chaotic” nature of the convention, Fine Gael folded.

It has been an eventful Dáil term for Perry, a once staunch Enda Kenny ally who found himself an object of ridicule and discarded by the party hierarchy following a contentious selection convention last October.

Fine Gael wanted two candidates for the reconfigured Sligo-Leitrim constituency, which now takes in a large portion of west Cavan and parts of Donegal.


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