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The sneaker industry is more than a showcase of who can put together the best fit and nowadays it has incorporated a fascination with who can capitalize off of the same brands that they buy product from.


As a result of the development of social media, frenzies are caused when breaking news surfaces such as Kanye West announcing a Yeezy Boost release date.After previously highlighting many reasons why sneaker enthusiasts enter the reselling game, many look-over or are unaware of the possible negatives that come with the territory.With all business ventures there will be ups and downs accompanied by a little tightrope walking in-between.Over time, certain aspects of the game have changed and developed but it isn’t always for the best.

Negative aspects of the sneaker reselling business can effect more than just the reseller as it also harms the providers of product which in turn circle back to the hustler looking to make a profit.

In turn, brands have had to get pretty crafty in order to sell their product to footwear lovers and resellers in a manner that’s efficient, provides fairness and eliminates danger.


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