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Since then, it has attracted approximately 6,000 members from the United States and abroad, with the most traffic coming from large metropolitan centers like New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., says Goss, who works as a freelance associate producer in reality television in the Santa Clarita Valley area of California.Colten Caudle is a 19-year-old political science major at Arizona State University.Still, Goss and Burks are not letting the negative comments dissuade them from their mission."Negative publicity is still publicity," he says."We take the good and the bad."A second, similarly named website, Trump, had more than 130 members as of Thursday afternoon.


Donald Trump has mostly been viewed as a dividing force within the Republican Party, but a website is aiming to unite the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's supporters through online dating.And it seemed to work a bit too well, as Trump crashed early Thursday morning after an influx of visitors. Founder David Goss attributes the peaked interest to a Trump was founded by Goss in May in order to connect Trump supporters.


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    Now the question is: was something else broken too?

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