Single mom online dating profile red flags during internet dating

Steer clear of using photos where you’re wearing a hat or sunglasses – you’ll come across as far more open and approachable if you aren’t hiding your face.

Yes, that snap of you and your toddler may be your favourite, but remember you’re the one hoping for a date, not your little one.

She’ll also let you know if there’s too much baby talk in there!

First step: Create a profile that is guaranteed to grab the attention of potential dates…By all means mention your child but keep in mind that your profile is meant to advertise you and your attributes – not your little one’s.

Be honest, can you be bothered to read an essay-like description? Try to avoid going on by figuring out exactly how you want to describe yourself and who you’re hoping to attract before writing your profile.

Once you’re happy with your page, show it to your BFF for approval (and to proof read).

Ask her to be totally honest – she may notice positive qualities about you that you haven’t picked up on yourself.


‘We’d recommend you add at least three or four photos, showing you at your best,’ says Jemima.‘For example, a nice photo of you at a BBQ, enjoying a day out with your child and with friends.’ Just make sure it’s clear which person in the photo is you!


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    It seemed like a good idea at the time, being the object of someone’s obsession. The sad truth is, it took him a week to notice you were gone. The Loser: For a while, you could overlook the fact that he lived with his mom, that he didn’t have a job, that you paid for every single date. You had to draw the line when he lost the will to bathe with soap, when he started picking clothes up off the floor with his toes because he “didn’t have the energy” to bend over and pick them up, when he wondered out loud if depression was …. ” That way, he explained, you would never ask him again.

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