Single 420 dating


If dating sites and apps just aren’t your thing, check out Highly Devoted right now.

Easy to use and obviously popular, this site is a great way to meet like-minded and single fans of cannabis.

Built by stoners, for stoners, this dating site and app is growing quickly.

Whether you’re new to dating apps or proficient in digital dating, here are some hemp friendly & helpful ways to bud your relationships! Meeting somebody the “old-fashioned way” while crossing the street or posting up on a barstool – like in the movies – sounds ideal, but how often does it actually happen?

Thankfully, dating apps and online services came along to help alleviate that stress and bridge the gap between like-minded wannabe lovers.

This app really zeros in on the type of marijuana consumption and experience its users prefer!

For example, if you prefer edibles and are prone to a couch potato level of energy when high, you’ll be more likely presented with people near you that share the same preferences. Featured on shows like Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, 420 Singles provides a non-judgmental alternative to traditional dating sites.

Laborers, doctors, lawyers and students can be found on My 420 Mate and communication is set up with chat, messaging and an anonymous email system.



Helping take the awkwardness out of online dating, it allows users to message, flirt, Skype and get high with other single stoners.As their website suggests, “Cannabis is slowly becoming legal all over the world, jump on the fun train and start dating other singles who share the same love for the magical cannabis plant.” Launched in 2011, 420 Singles can boast growth of 60,000 sign-ups and counting.


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