Simon baker and sanaa lathan dating


Kenya flounders to the point of rudeness, clearly unwilling to consider a man outside of her own race.

She's further embarrassed at Leah's engagement party when upon admiring the landscaping, Leah's mom introduces her to the man who did it - Brian Kelly.

Even worse, Kenya is such a joyless creature it requires singular suspension of disbelief to accept that Brian Kelly (Simon Baker, "The Ring Two," "Land of the Dead"), the white landscape architect, would stick around.



There's the interfering family who present the 'perfect match,' in this case Blair Underwood's Mark, to prevent true love.

There's the Greek chorus of three girlfriends, Cheryl (Wendy Raquel Robinson, "Rebound"), a lawyer who takes a chance with a chef (Mike Epps' Walter), Suzette (Golden Brooks, "Beauty Shop"), the beauty and dieting guru and Nedra (Taraji P. There's also the too perfect man in Brian whose only fault appears to be for having fallen for nothing but a pretty, albeit black, face.


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