Sim girl 4 dating walkthrough

What happens if a sim has multiple romantic relationships with two or more other sims?

I have a married sim (girl) who is also in a "budding romance" with a different sim.



If the relationship goes any further, will the husband break up with his wife because of this?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just wondering : P Nope, you can have multiple "partners". Another guy is partners with 2 girls and now working on his 3rd.

Remember this can only be done if you aren't in the middle of a quest Hahaha yes except that if you perform a romantic act in from of the Sim's partner, they get upset and get the little heart with a minus sign and the partner of the offending Sim starts becoming enemies with the side piece lol I had a male Sim start a romantic relationship With a married woman in another town and the husband quickly became enimies with my Sim lol Only if you want them to split. I have a total of 5 married couples, I have a married sim (girl) and she has been divorced/married 3 different times.

She has a child from her first marriage, ended in divorce, they had a son named Ruben, then from her second marriage that ended in divorce a daughter Ruby, then finally her third Marriage, the baby is currently on the way.


The current quest will be on the screen as soon as you click active tasks in the bottom left corner at the top of that screen, it will also say "3 quests available in queue".Click that and you can start a mission by clicking "ok".


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