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You may have thought it was a good sign when he said you were just like his mother, whom he loves dearly.But now that you are married to him you realize that he actually "worships" his mother like she is "God himself" and you are just one of the other people in the room with no special qualities.If he is married she still buys him clothes, takes him out to eat, and even comes to his place of work to either help him or just watch him work.These are things that a wife does for her husband, not a mother.

It’s one thing if your guy talks to his mom once a day because she has no one in the world but him (which is still a scary thought), but if he and his mom have telephone conversations multiple times a day to gossip or just tell each other the little things that girlfriends usually tell one another, this is a huge "red flag."What makes this so frightening is the fact that when anything significant, or insignificant happens in his life, the first woman he thinks to call is his mom, not you. You begin to realize that in his eyes his mother DOES EVERYTHING better than you do.

She would not say things the way that you do, she would find nothing wrong with him at all, she would agree with everything that he says, etc. Basically she is a "saint" who he has placed on a pedestal a little lower than God Himself.


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