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Due to James’ ill health and not being able to work the family were in receipt of poor relief.James applied for entrance to Gordon Boys Home in Woking for two of his sons, young James was admitted in 1928 aged 13 and, two years later, Sidney joined his brother aged 12, though there is no evidence that Albert attended.The three boys were brought up in and around East London and by all accounts the family were not well off.James Herbert had served in the Army – going into the reserves in 1910 before being called up in 1914 and being discharged in 1919.Continue reading » Based in Nottinghamshire Archives, I’m currently supporting three projects in my role as trainee for The National Archives: one in which I’m digitising sensitive data, another project that supports the role of the Nottinghamshire Archives within school’s outreach and the curriculum and, thirdly, one that feeds an online site which serves the communities of Nottinghamshire.This latter is uploaded with digital scans and photographs of manuscripts and documents from Nottinghamshire Archive’s collection alongside explanations and background to the images.I was going to focus only on one of my grandfather’s two brothers in this blog post, as he had won the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) during the Second World War.But as I started to write, it was clear that there are interesting records that relate to all three.

James Herbert Davies and Kate Ethel married in Stratford on 11 June 1914.Yesterday I was skimming through newspapers from the Second World War and reflecting on my father and his seasoned eight decades.


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