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where you can cash in your treasures and spend it on luxuries like street-sweeping and fixing potholes.On the front page of the Shropshire Star dated October 10, was a leading publication reporting the wonderful news that the huge cooling towers at Ironbridge Power Station that overpower and overshadow Ironbridge will soon be demolished in the summer of 2017.It is indeed unfortunate that either of the A&E departments in Shropshire, either at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, or, Princess Royal has to close, but, as the only option put forward by Future Fit is to retain it in Shrewsbury along with the women and children’s care centre I concur.Regarding the closure of Telford’s Princess Royal A&E Department.Isn’t it about time all the mayors and county councillors made a statement in support of the accident and emergency department being kept open in Telford for the people of Bridgnorth and the surrounding area.


Well anybody thinking of joining a workplace pension as government is telling you to do, listen to my story, you may think again.

Bringing back grammar schools is a very good idea, to give bright, clever working class children a chance of moving up in life.

Go to the Ironbridge Gorge and you’ll not find a dry eye, with hordes of people on the streets turning towards Ironbridge Power Station and waving tear-stained handkerchiefs in a sad goodbye to the much-loved and now unplugged electrical giant.

Theresa May has reaffirmed her commitment to maintaining the "golden era" in Britain's relations with China as the Government hosts talks aimed at boosting Beijing's investment in the UK's infrastructure.


The blood-covered cottage where a senior civil servant who advised ministers on Government tax policy was allegedly murdered by a teenager he met via the gay dating app Grindr has been shown to jurors.

The chairman of a committee of MPs which has been studying working practices at Sports Direct has expressed "anger and disappointment" at the placing of a recording device during an unannounced visit to the firm's warehouse.


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