Shia dating site

Read more I m a very traditional girl and follow islamic principles to d best of my ability..I m down to earth happy go lucky person who does not believe in taking any stress .n let live formula I m under... Read more Salamun Alykum First of all i would like to say that We belong to Shia Ishna Ashri (Irani) In my family we are 3 member that is me and mom dad, we are one the most reputed Iranian family settled... I have been with for the past three years but never really looked seriously for a partner as i was too busy with my career.


Read more I am a hard working individual who works for a well known bank. I enjoy reading, socialising and spending time with family and friends. Read more Hi, I am a simple, straight forward, emotional, fun loving person with good sense of humor. Exploring different destinations, cuisines and cultures is something I enjoy doing for leisure. Read more i love my parents and i hope my partner also love my parents i love kids i like kids ok bye hi hi like one me i am very carring person so i like my partner also very carring so nice of u i love my par... I have two brothers (none married) & two sisters (b... Read more I live in the US and was an active member of Shaadi. In our first email exchange we felt that there was something special. As luck goes, I was on lookout for a change of jobs, when i thought why not get married first and then decide where...I take some time to open up and not all can understand my true self, but my close friends do know almost... Read more I am 34, height 6-1, athletic simple, friendly, fun loving, flexible person in all values. Graduated from Canada and did MBA Finance from Lahore Pakistan. Read more Hi I am a practicing Muslim who knows how to keep balance in Deen and love our Masoomeen(A. It was was a great experience and a big hearty "THANK YOU" - SHAADI. i was browsing on google and wondering who would be my better half and how &when would we meet. Hello, myself Gurminder Singh from Auckland, New Zealand.


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