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Reba’s a pro,” said a source who didn’t acknowledge Narvel’s new relationship.“She’s not going to air her personal life in public.” Mc Entire and Stroud attended a 2014 Katy Perry show and have seen Reba and Narvel’s son, pro driver Shelby, competing.Never miss out on any of the hottest news on the one and only, Shelby Blackstock.Stay updated with racing schedule, sightings, tickets, tips, tricks and race results. concert in 2014, where the two posed together happily wearing multicolored wigs.

Back in September, Kelly Clarkson told the world that dating is hard ("The problem isn't getting offers -- the problem is getting offers from someone you like, you know?

") and even compared the process to "American Idol" ("It's like an 'American Idol' audition. And the same thing goes for my dating life.") Clarkson, 29, has been single since 2006, when she split from singer Graham Colton, sparking some speculation that she was a lesbian.

Country singer Reba Mc Entire and her husband Narvel Blackstock pose on the red carpet as they arrive ahead of the 37th Annual Kennedy Center gala dinner at the U. Mc Entire shocked Nashville when she announced she was splitting from hubby Narvel Blackstock last summer. Now there’s word Blackstock’s with Stroud, who spent time in the past with Mc Entire.

(Reuters) Nashville is buzzing that country legend Reba Mc Entire’s ex-husband and manager of over 25 years has already moved on to another woman, sources tell the New York Post. We always have been.” There was speculation the split was spurred by their business relationship.

The broken-up couple continue to work together running Starstruck Entertainment, which manages Mc Entire, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson who is married to Blackstock’s son.An insider revealed that Reba celebrated New Year’s in Cancún, Mexico with friends and family, adding, “If she seems upset, I certainly haven’t seen it show.” Click here to read more in the New York Post.


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