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Shane will teach users how to determine which qualities of light to implement for any scene through script analysis, storyboard preparation, lighting schematics, and shot lists.

For the Experience Master Class, users will study various films from Hurlbut’s quiver, including , then users will receive hands on instruction with lighting techniques from these films by reenacting the lighting through not only professional grade equipment, but Shane will also show users how to get a similar result through DIY options.

He’ll lay out the fundamentals, take users through the kinds of lights that Hollywood currently uses, and how they can be positioned to paint an image with light much like a master painter takes brush to canvas., I will teach you how to design, develop, enhance, and implement the storytelling process with lighting and camera,” Shane says.Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wants to avenge the Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos in more ways than one.Newton delivered a crunching block to Denver linebacker Shane Ray during the first quarter of Thursday's regular-season opener in Colorado.

“The Illumination Experience is all about understanding the quantity, the quality, and the art of placing your lights.

Light placement is everything.” Shane is going to take filmmakers through his process, how he lights, and how filmmakers can use very simple techniques and modest tools to make their films look like a 0 million movie.


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