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Nevertheless, our romance didn’t blossom into anything other than a deep and abiding friendship.Outside of romance and pheromones, I’ve never met an “imaginary” friend, aka online friend, who isn’t a match to their online persona – and I’ve been getting to know people via social media and electronic communities since 1999.Maybe I’m lucky and/or hyper-intuitive, but I think social media is a marvelous place to start conversations.So it wasn’t any surprise to my friends or my kids when I announced: “So I’m not doing Mexico solo but I’m going with a guy I met in a Facebook group. ” And then there were my kids: “Of course you are, Mom.” I take exception to the first reaction; women can be ax murderers, too. In December our conversation had been going on for about a month, and the way things were going–my boss’s draconian time off rules; his obligations to his business in New York–it was looking like our first face-to-face would be in the departure lounge of the international terminal.“I wanna but I won’t on the first date” isn’t my style. In one instance, after a month of emails, I went for a long distance romance.Or at least I didn’t think it was until I “met” my Handsome Stranger. We met for a whirlwind weekend of sex, darts, and a short road trip.Thomas Pieters (Belgium) is one of the most promising golf players on the globe, at this very moment. Thomas’ website is constantly updated with all the scores and stats worldwide.

It was marvelous; the energy and connection on the screen didn’t lie.

It was exactly the same as online – or as one of my imaginary comadres is fond of saying–“meat” space.


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