Sexy librarian dating

The hot librarian has become a fantasy of adult movies and raunchy short stories. first thing that happened was that I could not stop staring at her eyes. Then when she whipped the hair I swallowed hard and was anticipating something!But when I think about it, the librarian and the “hot teacher” are the same creature aren’t they? Beyond my list above I feel like there is something mystical about the librarian and her “late fees”. Trust me when I say that it works just as well as the strange librarian fantasy…That moment when you reach up and take someone’s glasses . Likewise reaching for your glasses and squintingly slipping them on in the morning. Glasses are great for dating: no asking a person for contact solution or keeping your contacts in glasses of water during unexpected hook-ups.Related: 9 Things Guys Find Sexy About You That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks 10. It’s fun to try and see if you can fog them up, like in cartoons. The right pair of glasses instantly provides an intellectual air, even if you’ve never taken an AP course. Fights are more fun/dramatic when they whip their glasses off in anger.


Related: Why Women Look More Like “Girlfriend Material” In the Fall 7.Glasses can say a lot about someone’s personality: Sometimes you can judge a person on the frames.(Thick, black lenses = hipster, small wire frames = sweetly nerdy, colored plastic lenses = creative.) 5.Dark hair pulled back in a bun with glasses, and a cute shape is the abstract… The job title is one that no longer has the backdrop of a million tomes and the mysterious desk where she sits; ready to scold us for being too loud or give us a stern look while peering over her glasses.

she has on a formal business suit (skirt of course) which shows enough leg to let you know that there is fire hidden under that guise. Today’s librarians are regular guys and gals, some being kids doing a side-job to get through school or earn extra money.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...


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