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In the episode "Won't Get Fooled Again", Tim Kelleher guest-starred as Adrian Bale, a serial bomber responsible for the deaths of six FBI agents. In the episode "Broken Mirror", Matt Letscher guest-starred as Vincent Shyer, an erotomaniacal stalker who abducts one of the twin daughters of Executive Assistant District Attorney Evan Davenport, played by Robin Thomas. Paula Newsome portrays Detective Shea Calvin, who leads the investigation of the shootings.Elisabeth Harnois guest-starred in a dual role as Davenport's daughters, Patricia and Cheryl. In the episode "The Fox", Neal Jones guest-starred as one of the series' most notorious criminals, Karl Arnold, aka "The Fox", a serial killer who murders entire families.


Francesco Quinn guest-starred as Michael Russo, a mob boss who hires Perotta to abduct Cramer.In the episode "Derailed", Chris Bauer guest-starred as Dr.


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    I have seen white men, with little experience in the country, make blanket statements about Ghanaians while their dates politely chew their meals not daring to challenge her potential love. When I was in America, any American would have jumped on anyone who said anything negative about America or its people, and as an African-American, I bet not let a white boy talk to me crazy just because I am interested in tasting some white chocolate.

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    Felicity Huffman is the youngest of eight children.

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