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You know this because they keep asking you to ‘dinner’. That a child pooing in a pot does not warrant a Facebook status update and several photos. The joy you feel when a single best friend finally does find a great partner. That you have to pretend to love being single, even when you don’t, because admitting you’re lonely and miss being held just makes everyone else uncomfortable and suspect you’re not a feminist. Although sometimes you really DO love being single because you don’t have to waste time pretending to enjoy the boring s*** someone else likes.

You may or may not have started hugging them and explaining the reason men aren’t asking them out is because they’re intimidated by their beauty, intelligence and general awesomeness. That a depressing number of men want to cheat on their girlfriends and wives. This is because they’ve never tried internet dating. ‘Why are you still single/what’s secretly wrong with you’ face.




This would be great if the men in question weren’t 18. …but, occasionally, having so much fun can get a bit exhausting.


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    Determining If You Should Date Making Your Move Cementing your Relationship Community Q&A When your feelings are more passionate and stronger than what you'd expect from a normal friendship, it might be time to take things to the next level.

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    And if you can't accept them for who they are, all their weird quirky traits as much as all the things you love about them, you will never be happy. The fact that someone can propose, with a beautiful ring and say everything you want to hear, and then just change their mind a couple months later. If someone can't handle all the many sides of me, I don't want to be with that person.

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    Also, I don't wanna explain population growth, but there are more young than old, more options.

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    I’m caring kind, friendly very easy to get along with.

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    This is the first time John Shea appears with the traditional bald head for Lex Luthor.

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