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To give a robot the ability to communicate and provide the kind of emotional satisfaction someone would normally get from a human partner, Levy is improving an award-winning chat program called Do-Much-More that he built a few years ago.His aim is for it to become "a girlfriend or boyfriend chatbot that will be able to conduct amorous conversations with a user,” he told The World Post."I'm hoping to help people,” he said, then elaborated: People ask me the question, ‘Why is a relationship with a robot better than a relationship with a human? For millions of people in the world, they can’t make a good relationship with other humans.For them the question is not, ‘Why is a relationship with a robot better?


Levy decided he wanted to give guys like Anthony a social and sexual alternative to real girls. And he’s not talking about some blow-up doll that doesn’t talk.

Levy predicts that a lot of us, mostly but not exclusively shy guys like Anthony, will be having sex with robots sometime around the 2040s.


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