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Have you ever noticed that marketing folks always seem to be talking about how to reach Baby Boomers?Or what’s the latest app to connect with Millennials?

It’s like the trifecta for all the major brands marketing campaigns.As most of the early adopters of social media, Gen X still have an active online lifestyle but our usage is directly connected to our social group of friends.When we look at the overall usage of social media for people ages 35 and over, we know it began it with the initial curiosity and the idea of reconnecting with old friends that brought us all out from behind our laptops.Between 20, Gen Xers were one of the fastest growing target audiences to use social media networks.

Currently, Generation X leads other generations in the consumption of several key forms of media: television, online video and video-on-demand.This makes sense, since we are the first generation to grow up with more than 3 channels of television and the personal computer.


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