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Without hesitation, the second girl begins performing a sex act on the man.

She has been trained to do something no child that age should even know about.

One investigator calls the task “gut-wrenching,” and there’s no other way to describe it.

I’m still haunted by the things I saw during my short stay — I can’t imagine the fortitude and dedication it takes to view those types of images day after day.

The video was seized from a Manitoba man by the province’s Integrated Child Exploitation Unit, a 10-member team of police and RCMP specializing in child pornography investigations.

It’s a tiny sample of what Alberta’s ICE investigators will deal with when the 14-member squad of Calgary and Edmonton police and RCMP members begins its work.

“There are a lot of sick, twisted individuals out there,” says Const.

When the Alberta government announced in 2005 that it was setting up an Integrated Child Exploitation Unit, I went to Manitoba to get a behind-the-scenes look at that province’s ICE squad and how it conducts the work of rescuing children and prosecuting the predators who sexually exploit them.

Staring blankly into space, the girl simply lets her hands fall away.

Frustrated by what he perceives as the girl’s lack of interest — more likely she’s petrified — he summons the other girl from behind the camera.


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