Sex textin no sign up


TEXT: "I swear we gotta hang when I finish cross country in about 3 to 4 weeks."I am guessing that this guy is younger, in college, and not used to being attentive to a woman's feelings, but his lack of flattery is striking.

If he had said, "I've been having a lot of fun with you" before this statement that would at least indicate he's thinking about the good times you've already had.

"You may need to work harder than that." It's not a "no" but opens the door for some wooing. Any time a guy communicates by text this extensively he's likely into you. You're also being supportive and showing that you're not taking his crazy schedule personally.

"I may need to cum in your ass, or I may need to hit the dry cleaner; I'll let you know." It's almost business-like. The thought behind the words is that the man wants to fool around with you tonight and is testing the waters of what he can get away with.

He is trying to be playful about it but is basically opening the door for a regular late night booty session.

I am going assume you've already had sex with this guy and also that you may have experimented with anal sex.

If those assumptions are incorrect, this guy is a creeper—you should avoid him and quickly delete his number from your phone.

He'll likely have two beers and text you to hang out way before he's done with the running season.

I have a friend who ran in college and it did take over his life. It lets him know you're into him too, but not sitting around by the phone waiting for his call.

Patience is important in all stages of relationships, but particularly when you start dating someone with multiple major commitments.

Here, he's just listing you as something to do on his to-do list (pun intended).

His intention is good: he does want to see you and is just very busy with running. I'm guessing he's all for blowing, but in a very different way. Looking forward to it." If you are an emoticon person you can include a winky face here.

If you have, he's trying to establish a regular hook up with you.

Your response: If you've had regular (and anal) sex with him before? We'll figure out a time to see each other soon." Acknowledging that you feel the same way (assuming you do) is nice and solidifies that you're on the same page going forward.


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