Sex slave chats

Much has been written about ISIS using encrypted devices to plan and coordinate highly sophisticated terror attacks in the western world as well as in other countries, many close to what ISIS calls home.

The organization may indeed use encrypted programs for communications, though reports detailing the recent incidents in Paris proved that’s not the main way attackers communicated.

ISIS appears to be creating catalogs that advertise the underage girls and women the group has captured.

The terror group has been making a detailed database of sex slaves to streamline the grotesque business and ensure that none of the women escape.

As it turns out though, they do use these apps for at least one horrific purpose: To communicate about selling sex slaves. Her price has reached ,500, and she will be sold soon,” such an ad reads.



Other services including Facebook and Whats App are also used for the same purpose, but Telegram appears to be the chat service of choice for sex slave trafficking. The conversation was disclosed to by an activist with the Yazidi community, whose women and children are being held as sex slaves.An estimated 3,000 women and underage girls are held as prisoners and sold with the help of smartphone apps.ISIS apparently shares databases with slaves and their owners, which contain pictures so that captives cannot escape past checkpoints.Smugglers are still trying to rescue captives, but ISIS has tightened security in recent weeks to reduce the number of escapees.

Because chats conducted on Whats App and Telegram are encrypted, they can’t be shut down by the companies or anyone else.“Telegram is extremely popular in the Middle East, among other regions,” Telegram spokesman Markus Ra told .


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