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Ither possible etymologies, mony o thaim no Greek, hae been suggestit in scholarship.

Housomeivver, Janda (2010) considers the connection wi "faem" genuine, an points tae the story o Aphrodite's birth, in whilk she arises frae the sea faem efter Cronus defeats Uranus, as a mytheme o Proto-Indo-European age.

The auncient Greeks identifeed her wi the Auncient Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Aphrodite haed mony ither names, like Acidalia, Cytherea an Cerigo, ilkane uised bi a different local cult o the goddess in Greece.

The Greeks recognisit aw o thir names as referrin tae the single goddess Aphrodite, in maugre o the slicht differences in wha thir local cults believit the goddess demandit o thaim.

She played a role in the Eros an Psyche legend, an later wis baith Adonis's lover an his surrogate mither.

Mony lesser beings wis said tae be childer o Aphrodite.


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