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If two users match with one another, the apps automatically create a private chat.

But, while JSwipe has been too easily dubbed the “Jewish Tinder,” there are a few major distinctions between them.

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has gained an approximate 22-24 million users worldwide and boasts 21 million matches a day.

PHOTOS: America’s Top 30 Political Sex Scandals Halper claims in the book that the steamy phone calls were also intercepted by the British and Russians — and that Lewinsky may not have been the only woman on the other end of Clinton’s phone sex calls.

The bombshell book was compiled by using paperwork — aptly named the “Monica Files” — obtained by a team of lawyers and investigators hired by Lewinsky as a legal defense in case action was taken against the President, and obtained exclusively by Halper.

And despite men usually asking women what they’re wearing during calls like that, Lewinsky allegedly confided in a friend about Clinton saying, “Well, he would say what HE was wearing.” The President would then pleasure himself while describing what he was wearing — usually his “blue tighties” and a gray University of Arkansas sweatshirt.

PHOTOS: Cheaters Gallery No charges were ever filed against Clinton, but the book details a disturbing claim by a woman who briefly dated him before he became the President, alleging that while in San Francisco the two went to a wooded park and he pushed her to the ground and tried to have sex with her. According to the “Monica Files,” Clinton often used the White House theater — just steps away from First Lady Hillary Clinton’s East Wing office, for many of his sordid sex romps. Halper writes that the President bragged about his womanizing ways in a chat with Yale classmate Mack Mc Larty saying, “When I was in high school I was a fat kid in overalls, and now all the want to f**k me.” PHOTOS: The Queen Of Mean: 15 Times Michelle Obama Was A Very Angry First Lady — Tantrums, Feuds, Fights & More! It was that he got caught and so rubbed her nose in it,” a senior Clinton aid told Halper of Hillary’s anger at his romance with Lewinsky.


PHOTOS: Sexual Scandals, Physical Fights & Financial Fibs!Bill And Hillary Clinton’s 25 Secrets And Lies REVEALED “‘Foreign spies weren’t the only ones who knew about the couple’s phone sex,” the book states.The author claims despite all the adultery, Bill and Hillary live “comfortably” and “happily,” leading separate lives with separate bedrooms — maintaining that the couple hasn’t shared a bedroom in seven years.JSwipe and Tinder are both matchmaking mobile apps that allow you to either “like” or “pass” on individuals based on their photos and proximate location to you.

An explosive new book charges that steamy phone sex conversations between Bill Clinton and mistress Monica Lewinsky were taped and used as a blackmail tool by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Radar is reporting.

Described as “juicy” and “scrupulously researched” Clinton did indeed lobby for Pollard’s release but it was nixed by the CIA Director.


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