Sex girl by skiyp tayland


How’s a guy whose standing right in front of them supposed to compete with that?

It’s sad, but even in the bars, the girls are locked in on their phones 90% of the time. However many Western guys are pursuing Thai women in person each day, you have to figure double that number are pursuing them online each day, and the girls realize this.

They use them to do online dating, skype chats, Line chats, Facebook chats, and just about every other thing you can think of.

So being an actual living and breathing person really doesn’t do much with them anymore. Thai girls used to love guys who were, you know, existing and sh*t. They can easily run their game on a bunch of guys from all over their world right on their phone, getting all the attention and money they need from doing so.

Most Thai girls who had Iphones a couple of years ago didn’t even have the internet running on their phone. You can get a Samsung that does almost everything for 3,000 baht.


We seem to be in an exponential growth phase now, as things are moving at hyper speed.

The home phone became popular 80 years ago, but it wasn’t until 30 years ago that cordless phones were mass produced.

Chances are that you sent out your first email 19 years ago, and had your first cell phone 15 years ago.

And up until 2007, your cell phone didn’t do much other than call, text, and email.


But in the time since the first Iphone came out (summer of 07’), we’ve become The Jetsons. Well, it saves a lot of time and makes things a lot more convenient.

A good looking girl is going to get all of the attention she could ever need online, and it’s easy enough to turn that into real opportunities.


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