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Hezbollah tried to close her stand at the Beirut Book Fair, and the head of the Lebanese Council of Women has called for the magazine, which is sold in sealed plastic in Lebanon and by mail order in other parts of the Arab world, to be banned.


She pulls down her waistband to indicate the area in question.''Some of the things written in Arabic a long time ago would make the Marquis de Sade blush.Now even the word 'breast' in Arabic would be shocking in certain circles.''Obviously, I acknowledge that some people are not going to like it.

But that intellectuals have attacked me - and a women's association at that - I find that stupid and insulting.It is your right to approve of that if you want to and, if you do, don't buy the magazine. But, equally, it is my right to publish it, just as it is my right to walk naked if I want to.'' She shakes her cascading hair in a gesture that conveys both sensuality and determination. In Beirut you will see a woman with a skirt so short you can see her pants, walking beside a woman whose eyes are the only things you can see. So long as the woman in the short skirt respects the other woman's right and the woman in the veil respects her, it's good. The woman in the miniskirt feels claustrophobic and the other woman is appalled. Our country is a puzzle.'' Haddad, 39, is herself a bit of a puzzle.


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