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This is probably the reason everyone tells you to join a sorority.Collegiettes who are already in a sorority might tell you, “You’ll make SO many friends,” and, “Literally all my friends are my sisters,” and those statements can totally be true.Starting college is exciting––but let’s be real, it’s also scary, stressful and nerve-wracking.So, why add even more stress by joining a sorority?She was go-to person to get Mexican food with and vent about our lives.I can't imaging not having her in my life, and the bond that we formed was unlike any other!

Without a sorority, you’re still guaranteed to find friends ––but with one, you’ll get a head start on not only finding friends but also on learning about college life (and your campus layout).So, to prove why going Greek as a freshman is a great idea, we asked current collegiettes and they told us the best parts of being a srat star.


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