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Meanwhile, Cleatus and Bill Dozier are having dates seven nights a week.wins a divorce from Hutton in Los Angeles charging cruelty.Too many young people rush into marriage without giving it enough thought." The Mansfield News-Journal, The Modesto Bee, The Helena Independent, Daily Kennebec Journal, Albuquerque Journal, The Lowell Sun, Nevada State Journal, Syracuse Herald-Journal, The Zanesville Signal, Waterloo Daily Courier, The Era, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, Lincoln Journal, The Agitator, Pottstown Mercury, Lincoln Sunday Journal and Star, Winnipeg Free Press, The Newark Advocate and American Tribune, Traverse City Record Eagle, Middletown Times Herald, Olean Times Herald, Dixon Evening Telegraph, The Kingsport News, The Delta Democrat-Times, The Monessen Daily Independent, Humboldt Standard, San Mateo Times, Nevada State Journal, The Daily Review, The Vidette-Messenger, is reported backing out after she agreed to get a Mexican divorce, so Bridget Carr and Robert Hutton will have to wait a year before they can marry.

He had to raise a beard for his role in Warner's The Younger Brothers, his first western." Parsons reports: "Saw Ann Robinson and Bob Hutton, first at La Rue, then later at Ciro's, both times at a table for two.

But Ann, who is a good friend of both Bob and his estranged wife, Cleatus Caldwell, was apparently letting Bob tell her his troubles.

She claims Hutton was so jealous she was even afraid to visit her mother.

She testifies that if she was out for any length of time he would accuse her of seeing other men.

columnist Erskine Johnson reports that Ken Murray denies romance rumors with her. With Hitler stealing the whole front page I'd be nuts to get engaged now. I can wait." marries Kenneth Abner Doncourt, a.k.a. Parsons reports chatter in Hollywood: "George Raft, who usually goes for blondes, surprised the natives by showing up at Ciro's with the brunette and luscious Cleatus Caldwell, the ex-Mrs.

Ken Murray, at the home of actor Lew Ayres in Hollywood, five days after her graduation. Ken Murray..." Erskine Johnson tells about her record alimony from Murray: "Ken used to carry her books home from Fairfax High School.


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