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Each family gets a separate action plan designed to remove one barrier at a time.

Location: Based in Davenport, primarily serves Scott County but available to six or more surrounding counties Amount: ,500Year: 2017Dress for Success Quad Cities will follow up to 50 women participating in the Professional Women’s Group by implementing new self-sufficiency assessments to measure the impact of the program, identify barriers to success, and guide future program development.

Some of the topics discussed throughout the program include physical and emotional growth, body image, eating disorders, sexual myths and sexual truths, female victimization, dating responsibility, and HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Location: Based in Waterloo, serving Black Hawk County Amount: ,500Year: 2017The Smart Girls program will offer age-specific information to enhance girls’ physical and emotional health.

Small groups encourage development of positive attitudes in the face of opposing negative pressures that so often influence behavior at the critical age of adolescence.


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