Sex dating in port maine

Customs and Border Protection officer has settled a federal lawsuit that claimed her former male supervisor at the Coburn Gore border port of entry created a hostile work environment by pushing his religious beliefs on her and speaking in a demeaning manner about women who work in law enforcement. It cleared my name, my record,” Rebecca Albert Carnot, 34, of Rangeley said Tuesday about the 5,000 settlement agreement with the federal agency.

Finally, survivors will be able to use the civil courts to seek accountability, justice and healing. The public will finally learn the true scope and scale of the cover-up.The Maine native also claimed in the lawsuit that Pease said that a woman should not be involved in any capacity in law enforcement and had a duty to obey her husband in accordance with the Bible.“You do not have the right to impose those beliefs on your colleagues and co-workers.” He added, “It’s a very substantial settlement.” The harassment started in January 2009 during the first week of Carnot’s employment at the border crossing port in western Maine when her supervisor, Officer Gregory Pease, lectured her about dating and premarital sex, she said and court documents state.“[Pease] told Plaintiff Carnot that he believed that single women should not date, but should court” because “dating involved ‘sexual intercourse,’” states the U. District Court complaint filed by Carnot in Bangor after she was fired in January 2011.


Talk to a therapist, supportive family and friends, and support groups like Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP.

Rangeley resident Rebecca Carnot was recently awarded 5,000 in a settlement agreement with U. Customs and Border Protection over allegations her former male supervisor at the Coburn Gore border patrol station created a hostile work environment by pushing his religious beliefs. Carnot’s attorney, Jeffrey Neil Young of Topsham, confirmed the settlement.


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