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I am even considering renting a room even though I only live 5 minutes away :)Our first impression was great!It was our 1st visit and the fair was so much more than we anticipated or expected!We checked into Papa's on Facebook and immediately friends began singing their praises about the place... The haunted hotel was very much worth the price of the event. The actors were great and the make up was pretty cool.super clean, great sweet tea, not sure what else I can say about Papa's... You weren't rushed through the house like you are at bigger events.they are golf cart friendly :) and they are directly across the street from MB Long Lake Helen Elementary.. They let smaller groups of 6 go through at a time instead of 30.


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it's probably our collective single favorite item at Papa's!

To go with the Wild bread, this time we got a medium meat lovers pizza with mushroom and onions for mom, dad and our 9 year old to share, spaghetti and meatballs for our 4 year old (there is enough spaghetti and meatballs for 2 or 3 kids who eat like adults), and a chef salad for our 12 year old... We had about half a pizza, half the salad, and half the spaghetti and meatballs leftover, and we can eat! Friendly staff, and the owners are usually on premises cooking and taking care of the customers in house. They had separate lines to buy the tickets and to enter the hotel which made it faster and easier to get through. At first they were only accepting cash, but a little later they started accepting cards.

Look to your right and Find singles in Lake Helen to meet, date, or just enjoy lunch with. I don't need to be the center of attention but i like to feel I help brighten everyones day. I like the beach, dinning out and just having fun, so lets talk .

Thank you Emily for great service at all times and thanks to Shane for that amazing breakfast!I loved the property, the location, the colors and mostly your beautiful smile at all times! Great place to shop for gently used things for kids.


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