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Her father, William Waldron, the service manager at a Cadillac dealership, liked to drink too much bourbon.Her mother, Mary Waldron, was devoutly Catholic and counted her daughter as her best friend.

He quit working and blew through the .1 million he received in compensation from USAir. Karen's mother cooked and cleaned and attempted discipline. In ancient Chinese philosophy, there is a black and white circular symbol called the yin-yang.Their children, Leah and Eric, then 14 and 10, were left with an ever-flowing river of cash and no rules. Dennis' brothers and sisters offered to raise the children until Dennis could find a way out of his free fall. No one would be taking away the only pieces he had left of Karen. The yin is the black half of the symbol with a white eye; the yang is the white half with a black eye.Together they are responsible for all that happens in the world.They are opposites, and yet they cannot exist without each other. Karen grew up in the Glenwillard section of Crescent Township, where everybody knew their neighbors' names and their neighbors' business.

Ten years ago Wednesday, 40-year-old Karen Dickson died in the crash of USAir Flight 427.

Her death was quick, the destruction left behind incomprehensible.


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