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This website is secure and you can report anonymously. However, if a serious EMERGENCY is happening, please call Cheyney Police at 610-399-2405.

Cheyney Police Cheyney University employs a 24-hour Police and Security force to serve, protect, and educate the campus community.

Kinder Care Education employs more than 32,000 team members across 1,700 locations nationwide.

Our devoted family of education providers leads the nation in accreditation and includes Kinder Care® Learning Centers, CCLC®, Champions® Before- and After-School Programs, Cambridge Schools Kinder Care Education is an Equal Opportunity employer.

As we know, sometimes technology fails us, so do NOT use this as your only form of calling for help when it is needed right away! Every day, Cheyney Police are working toward keeping our campus safe.

Our Police Communication Officers are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week taking calls for service, inputting data and monitoring our cameras to keep you safe.


They inspire children to be lifelong learners using our nationally recognized curriculum that promotes social, physical, verbal, and cognitive development.

Our Teachers are committed to making their center successful and know that creating meaningful relationships with children, families, and their team play a crucial role in that success.


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