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I think it was a ford, maybe a pontoon bridge, logs fastened together and hung to east river bank.When the river was low, you could drive across, it would sink down and water would cover the logs, but you would not bog down.There was a strip of land some 20 or 30 feet below the second bank and in the second bank they had their drinking water spring. One day she said she and her mother had been sitting for hours and she slipped up behind and threw a 30 pound rock over her head in the river.Just as the rock sank Granma Nancy caught a 25 pound yellow cat, the largest fish she had ever caught. It used to make my mouth water to think how fine it must have tasted, all browned in bear’s oil. They killed the bear for its skin as it made a good cover when cleaned and dressed. The following are excerpts by Rosa Berry Cole from Memories of By-Gone Days and was published by the Smithville Heritage Society. Mc Kee The Berry family landed in Velasco, Texas and were met by two Berry brothers who had come ahead and locate a homestead in Texas.There was no La Grange there but a crossing on the river.However, his relationship with the citizens of La Grange was a rocky one.


They put the wheels back on and rolled them on to Texas soil, hitched the oxen to the wagons that the Berry brought and started on the long tip overland, infested with savages, wild beast, tigers, bears and leopards. He killed deer, turkey and other game so they had plenty to eat.

Houston went to Gonzales to take command of the Texas army shortly after his appointment as major general on March 4, 1836.


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