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American Ancestry traces this line from Osborne Legatus to the Reverend Theodore A. (The Catholic Encyclopedia has a detailed definition of Legate at English and Welsh Surname Dictionary says: Leggatt, Leggett, Leggitt, Leggott, Leggate, Leggat. Y., traces nearly 600 of Gabriel's descendants from the late 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Buyers: Willoughby Miller., Chas Barber., John Miller., Luke Warburton, John Sutton., John Airs (or Avis.), Wm. Jones, Minute Rogers, Thos Booth, Stephen Garrott, Francis Ward, Benjamin Cory, David Griffin, Isaac gardner, Thos Garrett. New Bern is in Craven County, the same county where Edmund Allums married Winifred Anderson. Alita Sutcliffe, 6501 Folger Drive, Charlotte, NC 28270-5339, for your use and return to me when you find it convenient. If there ever is a problem we will take care of it -- no matter what it is.-(1) Local, 'at the lidgate' (q.v.), an inevitable corruption; 'atte Lidgate' or 'Lidyate' was one of our commonest entries, and must have left many representatives.(2) Offic. This manuscript is available in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, July, 1913. Warburton., Henry Speller., Jas Wilford., LEWIS LEGGETT. Loyalist John Leggett was also in Craven County in 1772 when he was granted three parcels of land in Bladen County and one in Anson County.================================================================ MISCELLANEOUS LEGGETT RECORDS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH ================================================================-------------------------Military Records:-------------------------By the revolutionary war, many Leggetts were in North Carolina. She may still have copies available at the original .00 per copy asking price. We send our people out in the field at the first hint that there may be a problem."But for a company that produces product to be used in conjunction with LP gas, the Leggitt company's record is for safety is extraordinary -- but that's by design, not chance.It seems a majority of the northern Leggetts stem from Gabriel Leggett of West Farms, Westchester County, New York. of Deeds Off.[AWS Note: John Legett of Wilkes & Oglethorpe Co., GA, married Mary Hawkins, widow of John Broughton. The following is a message I received on Prodigy from Lindsey Cook: FROM: LINDSEY COOK (DHCX88A) SUBJECT: LEGGETT, ETAL From: "Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774" Murtie June Clark, Genealogical Printing Co., Baltimore, Md., 2nd Printing, 1986. He has an extensive, computerized data base under the LEGGETT surname. Then during the assembly process, the product is extensively tested as each new component is added. One hundred percent of the regulators for example and tested and re-tested prior to being shipped to a customer.There is a Pennsylvania based line that starts with Sutton Leggett and Hannah Green in the early 1700s. This Alexander Hawkins family came from Spottsylvania Co., VA, as I recall, so there may be no connection here. [I had already contacted Jack Leggett in 1992 and have a printout of his line.]Sincerely, Jack[RCL note: Unfortunately, Jack Leggette died 28 June 2002 before I could meet him personally.] Lewis married Alcey Warburton, daughter of Winefred Warburton and Unknown. Don, Sr., said, "We have spent well over million in the last three years in product development and equipment. Every product that we have is an original, researched and developed by this company."The S. Leggitt Company has had a glorious past and is poised to capture even more success in the future. EARLIEST AMERICAN HISTORY OF THE LEGGITT LINEOne in this line, John Leggett, came to Barbados in 1636 and to New Hampshire in 1640. There is a Louis Legget in the 1850 Putnam County, 70th District federal census on page 291. However, the typing would be even worse and I probably couldn't have typed it due to the loss of the requisite manual dexterity of the fingers of my right had due to a so-called mini-stroke in August 1993. In death this redeemed spirit returned to the Lord who gave it."James Leggitt, son of M. & Elizabeth Leggitt, died July 15, 1862 Aged 29 years, 11 mos. - See James' notes for inscription.[The Watts and Walters cemeteries are both located near the above.]When I chatted with Matt Leggitt in May, 1993, he indicated that in 1985, his uncle, Samuel Hunter Leggitt, had the graves and stones moved to Walnut Cemetery, Unadilla, Ga., old section NW. Leggitt Died 16 September 1881Age 47 Years Scare to the memory of Matthews H. We have always been able to generate those funds internally so taking the company public has never seemed necessary.At the current time there appears to be a minimum of three individual major Leggett lines in early America. As a result of their service in the war, at least two Leggetts, Abner and James, were given bounty land grants of 287 1/2 acres of land in the north eastern part of Georgia in 1784. [I did in fact obtain a copy of LEGETT CHRONOLOGY from Alita Sutcliffe.]You might consider contacting Jack [Arthur Leon "Jack"] Leggett, Route #5, Box 165A, Center, TX, 75935. Not only is the products thoroughly tested during design, every component that goes into the assembly line has been tested as well.


In March, 1996, David Avant of Tallahassee, Florida, published his Some Southern Colonial Families, Volume 5, which devotes 326 pages to this southern Leggett line. By coincidence of time and place, it would appear Matthew's mother, or possibly step-mother, would be Alcey. (Recall that prior to Samuel Hunter Leggitt's death in 1986 it was assumed that Matthew H. That Lewis died in North Carolina in 1792, the same year that our Matthew was born in Georgia. And it's the Leggitts that have followed him and will follow in the future.

(Much of the content of this book that applies to our line has been included in this book. For the following payments, made by said State to officers and soldiers of the late Continental Line, thereof for depreciation and arrears of pay for service prior to the 1st day of January, 1782, in addition to and exclusive of the settlements made at Halifax in the years 1783, 4, & 5 and at Warrenton in the year 1786.[Page 74 Folio page 2]No. Lewis Leggett From this, I am assuming that the Lewis Leggitt, No. Also recall that in the 1980s Samuel Hunter Leggitt relocated the Leggitt cemetery from near Spalding to its current location in Unadilla. Warren, Alphabetical Index to Georgia's 1832 Gold Lottery, page 134 shows Alsa Leggit, widow, sec. There is an Alcy Legget listed in the 1850 Georgia Mortality Schedule as entry 170. The company has succeeded because it adhered to a simple philosophy and guiding principal. General Notes: SHL Sr.- Elizabeth Ann Leggitt was born in Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, Michigan, on November 30, 1940.


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    Sedimentary rocks can be dated using radioactive carbon, but because carbon decays relatively quickly, this only works for rocks younger than about 50 thousand years.

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