Sex chat uzivo cure

He is a writer and has taught English at a variety of local colleges.After three years of recovery from alcohol and cyber-porn addiction, he relapsed following his being laid off from his teaching position in an administration change.I will describe a few cases and then explore clinical aspects of the problem in this brief paper.Case Studies: (all names and identifying information have been changed) Mike: A 24 year old single man living with his girl friend (Dora) of four years reveals that he has an "unhealthy" sexual desire for teen age girls.


He has a history of alcohol addiction and cyber-porn addiction.Four years ago he was successfully treated for these addictions with a combination of in-patient, outpatient, and group psychotherapy.He acknowledges that his compulsion has hurt his relationship and his sex life.He is extremely ambivalent about his relationship but has not talked about his feelings openly with Dora.

He requests treatment to help "cure" him of this sexual interest.

While not acting out his sexual desire, he has been secretly spending 3-8 hours per week hunting images of young girls on the internet.


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