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In an email exchange with National Report, Sandra Mercer insisted that her suspension was an act of bigotry, and a step back for gay rights in the workplace.Meeting locations and times for sex were arranged by the suspects, Rutherford said. Under arrest are: Isaac Alexander Hampton, 19, of Jacksonville; Richard Caleb Milles, 22, of Jacksonville; Andrew Kyle Granados, 27, of Jacksonville; Daniel Nathan Mazza, 20, of Jacksonville; Charles Eric Zagorac, 52, of Jacksonville; Andrew Scott Adams, 37, of Lake City; Dennis Edwin Mehaffie, 37, of Naylor Ga.; Gabriel Angel Rodiguez, 23, of Jacksonville; Derick Lamar Robinson, 34, of Jacksonville; Steven Geiger Knaorsky-Kane, 24, of Jacksonville; Adam Lee Knopp, 29, of New Smyrna Beach; and Brian Patrick Mullis, 26, of Jacksonville, police said.


Sharon Mercer is the 39-year-old substitute teacher who was hired to present a course in sexual education for a group of 6th grade students at Clinton Middle school.The School, which is located in Duval County, five minutes outside of Jacksonville, FL, is occupied by over 200 students, and teaches grades 5 to 9.


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