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"They effectively use the chemicals out of their urine to make ammonia solution that they put in little pockets all through their muscles."The freezer bag at home - to my wife's disgust - is actually full of giant squid gonad samples.We're going to grind all of this up, and we're going to have this puree coming out from the camera, squirting into the water.Marine biologist Dr Steve O'Shea is leading the group hoping to lure the huge cephalopod into view by taking advantage of what he believes is an annual migration of the animals to a particular area in New Zealand waters.He thinks the female giant squid - like its cousin the cuttlefish - may secrete a sexual scent to attract a mate.


"They're far enough away for it to be another planet for us," said Australian marine biologist Mark Norman, from the Museum of Victoria.

"We're talking 500 metres to probably 1.5 kilometres deep - very dark, very cold, very high pressure - not a particularly easy place for us to go looking around." No one has ever seen the squid hunting, feeding or mating.

"Hopefully the male giant squid, absolutely driven into a frenzy, is going to come up and try to mate with the camera.

"This is the dream - we're going to get this sensational footage of the giant squid trying to do obscene things with the camera." TV competition There is great competition developing between researchers - backed by television companies - to catch the first giant squid on camera.


Scientists do not know with any certainty how long it lives or how fast it can swim, although the suspicion is that the giant squid is not a fast pursuit predator.

"It's likely that the giant squid is hanging midwater," Dr Norman said.


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