Sevastopol dating


Sevastopol, formerly known as Sebastopol, is the Ukrainian city, located on the Crimean peninsula, on the Black Sea. Manufactures include ships, processed food, and wood products.

Home of the former Soviet Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol is still a Russian naval base.



While part of the Soviet Union, the city was not incorporated in the Crimean Oblast of the Ukrainian SSR, but was formally subordinate to Kiev (actually to Moscow). Sevastopol was founded in 1783, when Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula.It became an important naval base and later a commercial port.You will see many ladies from Sevastopol at the dating and matrimonial sites.


It is also a popular seaside resort and tourist destination, mainly for visitors from the CIS countries.A Greek colony called Chersonesus was founded near the site of modern Sevastopol in the late 5th century BC.


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    Close proximity to town and exhibition site (Boat Shows).

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