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We transpeople agree with our biobrothers and biosisters that the logical and sensible thing to do in an ideal world and an ideal dating situation would be to just simply reveal your transgender status at a certain juncture in the courtship process.In our intracommunity discussions we've agreed that point would usually be just before getting intimate with that person.By doing so, you would give that person the option of staying or going.But in the real world it's not that black and white.It doesn't matter when or where she tells him, once she reveals the deep secret about herself, she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.She's also putting her life in jeopardy if or when she does.


What will be the bioman's reaction when you do tell him you're a transwoman and will you have a relationship, much less be alive, after you reveal that personal bombshell?In the wake of the Angie Zapata killing in Greeley last week, the debate raging in the blogosphere and beyond that has emerged since her tragic and untimely death has depended on who's doing the interpretation of it.For non-transgender people, we've heard the ludicrous "she 'deceived' Allen Andrade, so he was somehow justified in killing" her spin on many comments.Some can't even get the pronouns right, or are doing it to be disrespectful or sensationalist.

In the transgender community, the discussion has been all over the map.If she follows conventional wisdom and she's fortunate, the worst she'll get on the lower end of the scale is getting embarrassed if she's out in public when she tells him because the guy cursed her out before storming off.


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