Sedating children for dental work Sexy chat cam garnny

Although we live in the East Bay, we went to UCSF for his dental care because of the sedation - the cost was split between medical ins for the use of the hospital and staff; and dental ins for the dental services.

While I would prefer to keep him sedated for his visit, it becomes an all day event for us.

He struggled and screamed and then eventually settled down.

After the visit, he was upset with me for allowing this to happen him. old son has 8 cavities the pedi dentist say may be due to nursing at night.

I brush 10 times a day and it's not helping and he isn't ready to cut back on nursing.

So we've done the strap down method and it was harder for me than it was for him.Needless to say, he recognizes the dentist office now and he becomes fretfully as we wait our turn. However, the screaming session seem to get shorter at each visit. The only way to fix the cavities would be to use general anesthesia for the procedure.


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